Tuscany: Pienza

I miss this blog. I’m right on my last week of this trimester at university. So you can perfectly imagine how life is crazy these days…

Keeping the series about the beautiful Tuscany, today is Pienza’s turn – a city with less than 2.500 inhabitants, part of the Siena’s province. Some time ago I saw this city on my father-in-law travel pictures. I remember that I saw an amazing place (didn’t know where it was) and since then I put the idea in my head of going there one day. Pienza looks like a scenographic city and you feel part of the shooting. But the cameras were replaced by the windows full of flowers and the director’s screams were replaced by the birdsongs. Just like many other small cities in Tuscany, Pienza is located on the top of a hill and the landscape from there is one of the most breathtaking things that I’ve ever seen in life. The rustic walls, the locals peacefully relaxing on their home windows, streets named as “Kiss” and “Love” make you feel part of the most romantic movie in the world. The smell of Pecorino (tradicional cheese made of goat’s milk) makes you go inside each single store (and they are many!) to try little pieces. Try everything you can, grab a glass of wine and sit on the edge of the wall. Considering all the places I’ve visited until now this is the best option if you are looking for a place to empty you mind for a few minutes.

Oh, Tuscany!


5 thoughts on “Tuscany: Pienza

  1. Great photos again! I think the countryside around Pienza is some of the most beautiful in all of Tuscany, and Pienza itself was a lovely small town almost stuck in the past. As you say the local food is also fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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