Tuscany: Montepulciano

Today we talk about Montepulciano and some of the best things that this city provided us.

Montepulciano has a little bit more than 14.000 inhabitants and it’s part of the province of Siena – it is located at the top of a hill, something that is really characteristic of that region. We went there during a really busy day for a very specific reason: eat the best Tuscan food. And indeed it was. After 7 months without having meat (how I miss my Brazil…) we were able to remember the old days in the most perfect way: trying the local and delicious “Bisteca alla Fiorentina”, served with a local pasta dish called “Pici al ragù di anatra” (pasta with duck bolognese sauce). Of course, we also ordered the house wine. The place that provided us this dream meal is called Osteria Acquacheta, famous for serving the best bisteca of the region at really affordable price. The osteria is small , rustic and the owner is the one who comes to your table to take the orders. In the rude italian way of treating customers, he comes to your table to show you the piece of raw meat that he cut especially for you. If you don’t like it, he cuts another one. From the table you can see the kitchen and also him cutting the meat with a big big knife (take a look at the pictures at their website). You can definitely feel at home! An important advice: you should book the place before going. Otherwise, they won’t let you get in, even at weekdays. Another detail: at the osteria’s logo you can see the owner’s eyes, with an angry expression and really big eyebrows.

To finish, you should try the famous Vino Nobile de Montepulciano. At the Comune de Montepulciano square you can see the little door of the Cantine Contucci. Go inside to see the big barrels of wine and the store where you can buy and try the wines. It is really worth it!


One thought on “Tuscany: Montepulciano

  1. You started translating! Awesome! Thank you! I love how you write giving tips on what to do and see in the places you visit. I’m making this my travel guide from now on!

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