Tuscany: Montalcino

The day I met Tuscany was a day, hum… a special day: My birthday! To visit Siena was the very first plan because Julia, my boyfriend’s cousin, was there on vacations visiting Sebastiano, her italian boyfriend. That was an excelent opportunity to go to the city, meet them and have a different birthday. The point is that they decided to create a very complete itinerary, which allowed us to go not only to Siena, but to other four cities! The hills, the medieval constructions, the spring flowers, the sunset, the wine… Everything was perfect and we had two amazingly beautiful days, that will be impossible to forget.

To translate these two days, I’ll prepare 5 different posts: one per city. And today is Montalcino’s turn!

This small city is the producer of the famous and very expensive Biondi-Santi wine (one single bottle can cost 3.000 €, depending on how many years it has been stored). Unfortunatelly, the winery was closed that Saturday but, according to Julia and Sebastiano, it’s really worth going if you have the chance to, just to know the place and try some of their wines. The rest of the city is all about the breathtaking landscapes and the relaxing silence that you can easily find there.


2 thoughts on “Tuscany: Montalcino

  1. Great pictures! They really give you a good feel for the place. I will be visiting Tuscany soon for a short vacation and can’t wait to be in the countryside with the rolling hills and beautiful hill-top towns. Thanks for the tip on the winery – I will look out for that if we pass Montalcino and be sure to taste the wine. I doubt I will buy any at those prices though! I look forward to reading the posts to follow on the other towns you visited!

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